Over the past 9-10 years since I founded Lelbys this one question has been asked more than any other. HOW DO I FILL THE CHAIR?

I understand that for many busy mums this is a drawback to purchasing beanbags and chairs. But it isn’t so hard I promise!

Hobby fill and beans are available at all Spotlight stores, and who doesn’t like a trip there? It’s like Bunnings, you go for one thing (beans and hobbyfill) and leave with Christmas decorations, Tupperware, a new throw rug and party supplies. I know I do. 

Once filling has been bought, you’re pretty much ready to go to get a beautiful piece of furniture for your child which will last for years and years. 

You Only Need To Do This Once!

Yep, just the once. One time only. Then it’s done! Iron the outer sleeve first, this is crucial to getting your chair look like the picture above – all perfect and pretty. THEN rope in your husband, child, family member or friend because like many things, it’s more fun together. And here I am, with my hubby, who gets roped into all kinds of LELBYS chaos he really doesn’t want to do (like setting up for trade shows, doing taxes, delivering chairs to stores…)

It’s so simple when you know how!

1/ Firmly pack hobby fill into the armrests and back rest of the chair into the calico liner. The firmer the better – use all of the 1 kilo bag.

2/ Then pour the beans on top. Pausing a couple of times to push the beans firmly in.

3/ Then put the outer sleeve on and voila! The bean chair is ready to be enjoyed over and over again! The perfect little children’s chair for the nursery, playroom or kids bedroom! 

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Until Next Month,


Lesley (Lel) Owner LELBYS

Lesley Gordon
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